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Morning Tour (10AM~1PM)
During the morning tour our first stop is at the museum of Santorini. Our next stop is at the souther beaches of the island, where we stop for a coffe or a juice (included in price). Then we visit a traditional winnery to get the taste of the old Santorini. Finally, we end up back to Fira and we enjoy a glass of Sangria (included in price).
Afternoon Tour (6:30PM~9:30PM)
During the afternoon tour we visit the old churches of Santorini, going on & off road with our e-bikes. Our next stop is at a beautiful place before Oia where we enjoy amazing cocktails along with a beutiful susnet. At the end we return back to Fira for a glass of Sangria (included in price).
Ebike tours features
  • Assistance
    There is a professional tour guide for every ebike tour. The group follows the guide on a trip arround the island.
  • Discover Hidden Places
    In this tour you will explore the hidden places of Santorini.
  • Bring your friends
    Our ebike tours are group based. You and your group will be exploring the beauty of Santorini on an ebike.
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Santo Cycles offers luggage storage with Hotel Pick-up & Airport Delivery also in Santorini.

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