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Save the planet - Rent an ebike!

Ebike rentals Santorini
It’s Really Easy To Rent
Your ebike is just some clicks away!
Santo cycles: Rent ebike Santorini
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    Find the ebike you like the most
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    Select the dates you want the ebike for
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    Ride freely & enjoy!
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Ebike rentals Santorini
Our Renting Fleet
Find a vehicle that fits you the best!
Our Pricing Includes
  • Helmets
  • Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Spare tire
  • Air pump
  • E-bike tools
Ebike rentals Santorini
Electric Bike Features
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Ebike rentals Santorini
Why Choose Santo Cycles?
Insured Rental Service
Every rider is insured in case
an accident happens.
A lot to choose from.
We have a variety of vehicles that
fit every rider.
Smart Mobility for Clients
You can request changes to your bookings. Our team is excited to help.
Rider equipment
We offer rich equipment for every rider. Find what's included here.
We offer a backpack for every rider
Included items:
rent ebike Santorini
  1. 1
    Vehicle Charger
    Charge your vehicle whenever you need, wherever you want.
  2. 2
    Vehicle Tools
    A set of tools comes with the backpack.
  3. 3
    Vehicle Lock
    A lock is provided with every rental vehicle.
  4. 4
    Spare Tire
    You have the option to replace a flat tire yourself. Flat tires can also be replaced at our store by a professional.
For bookings call us at :
+30 694 772 7425
Ebike rentals Santorini
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Santo Cycles offers luggage storage with Hotel Pick-up & Airport Delivery also in Santorini.

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Παρέχονται ειδικές εκπτώσεις σε Έλληνες και εργαζόμενους της Σαντορίνης.

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